“To see individuals, marriages and families radically changed by finding their identity in Christ.” A Godly vision is based on God’s will for the church. It is a picture of seeking the needs of other people and meeting those needs. It is vitally connected to the heart of God and His perspective. A vision which is inspired by God is God-sized and will require the power of God to fulfill.

 A Godly vision makes your heart surge, carries you to heights you never dreamed possible, and causes exponential growth. You are empowered and motivated by it. It seizes hold of you and orders your thoughts and actions.

Scripture says, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.” (Habakkuk 2:2) The Lord has a preferred future for UR Assembly.

 We feel that the Lord has made certain areas of this preferred future very clear.

The following are our areas of focus in light of this vision.

  • To be a Fellowship of people that are committed to holy and pure living

       •      To be a church that focuses on intentional evangelism in our community and making disciple of all nations.

      •      To be a church that focuses heavily on missional giving, and missional service.

      •      To be a place where people searching to know God are welcomed and taught Biblical principles and relevant Christian community.

      •       To be a church that equips pastors, ministers, workers and members to answer their call-in ministry.

      •       To establish a campus that will exist to elevate and transform our community. This campus would be composed of several multipurpose facilities that would be the premier location for congregant discipleship, family ministries, church plant training, and “Jesus centered” activities.