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The human relations approach explains the behaviour of individuals and groups at work and helps in modifying or utilising such behaviour towards the achievement of organisational objectives. Karl Marx considered industrial conflict as a part of the broader social conflict between classes and used it to explain the fundamental historical process of change anddevelopment inhuman society. Many weak firms are eliminated during the depression period. Wage labour is, alienated because of exploitation by the capitalists. Many operational problems and decision making have been based on research that deals with application of model or quantitative techniques. One of the most important features of the social action models is the attitude it adopts towards social theory. If you are a student, can you help this project. If you submit original work, you get free expert feedback, but you also help others find the site by producing searchable content. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to all conditions specified in these three documents free management essay. Large scale employment in factories gave birth to labour problems, which necessitated some steps by employers to create good human relations in factories. In 189 was formed the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants c Indiaconsisting of AngloIndians and domiciled Europeans employed on railways and acted more as a friendly society than a combination for securing concessions. During the Mauryan period, there were evidences of good relations between workers and guild masters and between artisans and workers themselves. Gandhiji accepted the workers right to strike, but cautioned that this right is to be exercised in a just cause, and in a peaceful and nonviolent manner and it should be resorted to only after employers fail to respond to their moral appeals. The Government issued an ordinance to ban strikes on 26th July, 1981 to counter strife in the industrial sector. It also stressed the need for labour welfare. Whats missing from your essay is an articulation of the link between the Narratives analytic power and its persuasive power If you fix nothing else here, fix candy stripper. Agriculture became the primary source of maintenance during this stage. He advocated collective bargaining for securing industrial peace. India adopted the path of mixed economy after independence and began giving emphasis to both public sector Government controlled and owned enterprises and private sector private enterprises industries according to the Industrial Policy announced in April 1948 Michael, 1979. Scientific methods aim at assisting the adjustment process that is a matter of philosophy and conceptual framework e. There was not much scope for industrial development in India during the early British period. But during depression, there is largescale unemployment decrease in demand and so on. All these measures failed and the number of strikes increased manifold. Personnel managers make decisions based on the information relating to the levels of employment in the organization, and so on.
Business problem are tackled from the quantitative perspective.
But the term is used synonymously with labour relations, employee relations and unionmanagement relations. Click the button to sign up and post an original essay.

During hunting stage, man lived all by himself. The apitalist is expected to hold industry in trust for the community and the workers should be treated as cotrustees with the capitalist employer. Introduction of machinery led to mass scale production of standardized goods. The systems approach views the industrial relations system as a subsystem of the society or the total social system. Conflict in industry cannot be completely wiped out, it can only be contained with reasonable limits. Good and harmonious industrial relations create a sense of belongingness and groupcohesiveness among workers, and also a congenial environment resulting in less industrial unrest, grievances and disputes. The workers demanded a share in them. The Government announced the industrial policy during the eight plan period in 1991 and it brought about a drastic change in the organisation and working of industrial system of the country. Write A Response In Which You Discuss Your Views On The Policy And Explain Your Reasoning For The Position You Take. Industry today is neither viewed as a venture of employers alone nor profit if considered as its sole objective. Workmens Compensation Act 1923, the Trade Unions Act 1926 and the Trade Disputes Act 1917. Conflict cannot be wished away in this system. If they have to organize a strike, trade unions should seek authority from workers to do so, remain peaceful and use non violent methods. However, any model, no matter what its form or purpose, has one distinctive feature it is an attempt to represent a situation in a simplified form. The expression Employment Relations or Industrial Relations is used to express the general web of relationships between employers and employees normally obtained. If the predictions are found to be in disagreement with new experimental results, the theory may be discarded as a description to reality, but it may continue to be applicable within a limited range of measurable parameters.

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